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Finding The Right Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Atlanta Divorce AttorneyThere’s nothing happy about the need to search for a good Atlanta Divorce Attorney, but the fact is that life happens and people need separation for one reason or another. It needn’t be a nightmare, however, and a good lawyer who understands the emotional strain and stress that a legal separation or divorce can have is important.

Our goal here isn’t to give legal advice (we’re not attorneys) but to instead provide insight from consumers to consumers. The tips and suggestions may help you on this journey of the unknown and often terrifying experience. But remember, this isn’t legal advice or even recommending one attorney over another.

Atlanta Divorce Attorney Requirements

What matters most to you? It’s not the same for everyone. If you’re a parent with children then chances are that they’re your greatest concern when it comes to divorce litigation (including dissolution or annulment). Then there’s the issue of finances and who gets what, unpaid bills and expenses, property division, visitations, etc…

With the complexity of divorce or separation in mind, its clear to see that you want the best Divorce Attorney Atlanta GA has to offer, or that you can afford (more on that later). Maybe you’re the wife and you are looking specifically for Atlanta divorce attorneys for women, or on the flip side, the husband who wants specialist, Atlanta divorce attorneys for men. Either way, you get the picture that it’s up to YOU to understand and outline your needs and expectation well before you first sit down with your counselor or advocate.

It’s also very important to know that if there is a substantial amount of money and financial assets at stake, and which might be contested, you’ll want someone with a track record of winning and who has managed large value family estates. You’ll want the best high asset Divorce Attorney Atlanta if your family’s worth is over $1 million, for sure.

Atlanta Divorce Attorney Reviews

Divorce Lawyer AtlantaThere are many local outlets where you can review the reputations of the many lawyers to find the top divorce attorneys in Atlanta, and you can also check with the State Bar of Georgia to see if the attorney you’ve selected has any disciplinary actions pending. The American Bar Association is another resource for vetting a potential divorce attorney.

Then on the consumer level you can lean on Angie’s List (and similar sites) which allow consumers to rate their experience with professionals, even an Atlanta Divorce Attorney. The idea here is this, you want an attorney that is experienced enough to handle your case with the greatest precision, yet hungry (perhaps young?) enough to be hungry, to have the passion it takes to make your case as important to them as it is to you.

You should feel completely free to meet with your prospective lawyer and ask him or her questions, just like you might in an interview. Your life, your marriage and much more is at stake and so don’t settle for less than the best Divorce Lawyer you can find or afford.

Before You Sign With A Lawyer

As was already mentioned, you have a lot at stake and so it is very important that while you’re meeting with a potential attorney that you are ready to be open and honest. They need to know exactly what has transpired through your marriage and ultimately what led to the pursuit of divorce.

You may know this, but actually thinking about it and preparing are two different things. Imagine yourself sitting in front of a total stranger and opening up with all of the intimate secrets and fears and emotions which have built up. Preparing yourself like this will ultimately help you remain clear and focused, and therefore better able to vette your Atlanta Divorce Attorney better.

Next, you absolutely have to discuss in detail what you want, need and expect from the divorce. All before you sign an agreement. You want to be sure that your attorney is fully prepared and committed to fight your battle for you, the way you want it fought. Finding a divorce lawyer in Atlanta isn’t the problem, finding the right one is.

Finally, as it relates to selecting potential legal counsel, it is imperative that your agreement (contract) spell out what the attorney fees will be (all-inclusive), especially if there are a lot of assets and money involved. Those “continuances” and “unforeseen” circumstances can add up. This is precisely where reputation comes in to play.

Here is a useful (if not interesting) infographic on divorces in America. You see that lots of people have gone through this same struggle, too, and because of that there are a lot of resources which we’ll discuss next.

Atlanta Divorce Rates

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Atlanta Divorce Attorney Guidelines

  • Understands the pain of divorce
  • Cares about you & your family
  • Has experience (the good kind)
  • Is affordable (not just available)

Divorce – You’re Not Alone Even Without An Attorney

If you haven’t already, you should seek out support to help you through the emotional (and maybe even financial) struggles of getting divorced. Your Atlanta Divorce Attorney will almost certainly be of some help and can also point you to some local resources, but here are a few more to consider.

First, whether you’re a Christian or not doesn’t matter, most churches and faith-based group (whatever the denomination) almost always have free support groups available, and often even provide some small, short-term financial help (or direct food & lodging) to help you get by.

Next, check with your County Health Department because chances are they have free counseling available to help you, and will know of other local sources as well. If you’re willing to put yourself out there, you’ll find a large number of self-help groups locally which are made up of former husbands and wives, who are there to help you through this very tough ordeal. You will almost certainly make some good friends as well.

Below are a few videos which may brighten your spirits a bit, but also remind you of this serious journey you’re on. It isn’t an attempt to make light of it, only to say, “hey, this is serious but it will pass.” Life does go one. Right now you need to find a good Atlanta Divorce attorney, but don’t lose your self in the mess of a divorce like some people do.

Here’s a gentle reminder to make very sure you’ve
given this divorce careful consideration. And if
so, some tips to help you prepare.

‘Best of’ Moments from ‘Divorce Court’
Not Funny In Real Life – But This Is Court

Another one that I hope sheds some humor at a time
when you need it most. This is Saul Goodman of
Breaking bad. And this is exactly why you need to
know more about your Divorce Lawyer.

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